Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tools

When a job calls for a PCD tool, we adapt our high performance routing bits, shaping tools, and cutting tools to your specific application.

Given the natural diamond qualities, a PCD tool‘s extreme hardness allows it to last longer than other tools, saving time and money. When it comes to investing in tools, PCDs are sure to save you money over the life of the product.

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Our PCD tools can be used to cut limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, soapstone, bluestone,  concrete, jade, fiberglass, brick, wood, and more.

Of course, all tools eventually wear down, that’s why WF Meyers is committed to be there for you so that as little of your time is wasted as possible. If your PCD tool does eventually wear down, send it in to our facility where we will repair the tool and return it to you.

Please submit a request below if you would like more information about our PCD tools.Or you can reach us at the following:

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