Gang Saws

For all types of stone, hard or soft, we will customize gang saws to meet your company’s needs. We can also fabricate the tensioner tab and reinforcing plates to match your machine.

Whether you would like to purchase new gang saw blades or have your existing blades reworked with new diamond segments, WF Meyers can help. We can customize your blades to increase your cutting efficiency. We’ll produce segments to fit your saw and the stone you’re cutting to give you the performance you need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting limestone, marble, travertine or sandstone – we can get you the right tool for your job.

Please submit the form below if you’d like further information on our gang saws.  Or you can reach us at the following:

Phone: (812) 275-4485
Toll Free: 1 (800) 457-4055
Fax: (812) 275-4488
Address: 1008 13th St., Bedford, IN