Diamond Belt Saw Quarry Machine

The WF Meyers Diamond Belt Saw Quarry Machine can make cuts up to 200 square feet per hour at depths of up to 16 feet. The vertical diamond belt saw also gives you the flexibility to make vertical cuts on four sides of the stone. WF Meyers makes a horizontal saw for undercutting as well. Our Diamond Belt Saw Quarry Machine will improve your quarrying operations by providing a safer quarrying technique, cutting faster, reducing noise level, producing consistent cuts, and reducing labor costs.

Here is a short video of our quarry machine in operation:

Our diamond segmented belts are custom designed for your stone.  We do not take a “one size fits all” approach, but put in the extra effort to optimize our product to fit your needs.

In addition to providing the quarry machine, track sections, belts, guide bars, and other wear components, we are a distributor of Paratech airbags.

Our machines can cut at depths between 4’3″ and 16’3″.  We can help you choose the right cutting depth, bar size, and belt length based on your job.

If you would like more information on our Diamond Belt Saw Quarry Machine, please submit a request below.  Or you can reach us at the following:

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