Civil Engineering

At WF Meyers, we have adapted our tools to use outside of their traditional quarrying applications. We’ve taken on a range of civil engineering projects in the past.  A sample of our work is below:

Bloomington, Indiana Water and Sewer Project
The City of Bloomington, Indiana wanted to build a duct below ground that would house its water and sewer lines. While excavating they ran into solid limestone. Because it was in a residential area with houses and buildings in close proximity, they did not want to use more traditional means of excavation. WF Meyers solved their problem by using a Quarry Machine to cut out limestone. The entire project only took about a week to complete.

I-65 Railroad Bridge Replacement
There was a two track railroad bridge spanning I-65 in southeastern Indiana that needed to be replaced. One of the tracks had to remain open at all times, and the bridge could only be cut at night when there was little traffic. Brown Construction contracted WF Meyers to cut out the track. A Quarry Machine was used to cut alongside one of the tracks, effectively cutting the bridge in half. WF Meyers also develop a complex water catching system so that water used by the quarry machine did not go onto the highway below. The project only took 10 days and allowed the train service remained uninterrupted, one half of the bridge to be replaced, and the tracks re-laid.

New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority
The Franklin Company called upon WF Meyers to assist in carrying out a complex cutting task for the New York City MTA. The project involved removing concrete over a gas line in a crowded city environment. “WF Meyers came in with the tools that were necessary to cut the thickest of concrete,” said Franklin Company engineer, Robert Laga. “We would work with WF Meyers again in a heartbeat. There was no other way the job could have been completed as effectively and creatively.”


Arkansas Warm Water Discharge Project
Robinson Construction was hired to install duct work for a warm water discharge from a power plant in Arkansas. They built a coffer dam to divert the river water so they could work in the river bed; however they hit solid rock and could not use tradition methods of excavating. WF Meyers stepped in with its Quarry Machine and excavated the rock so that concrete could be poured into the footings for the duct work. WF Meyers completed its portion of the project in a week.

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